Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Do Not Take a Chance with Your Safety

At Fire Extinguisher Specialists, we hope that you will never have to use your fire extinguisher. But, if you do, keep in mind that you can only use it once. After that, you have exhausted the material inside and depressurized the cylinder. The fire extinguisher is no longer effective.

Used Fire Extinguishers are Dangerous

Used fire extinguishers are dangerous because in the panic of the moment, they may look exactly the same as an unused one. This means that you may pick a used one up by accident, try to use it, and end up unable to fight the fire. Now you have wasted valuable time, time that could mean the loss of property, or worse, the loss of life. You should dispose of most household fire extinguishers after a single use.

What if I Have Not Used My Extinguisher?

Household fire extinguishers have a shelf life of six years, unless specifically stated otherwise. There is an expiration date printed at the bottom of the label on your equipment. Business owners should have their commercial fire extinguishers inspected every year. Commercial extinguishers should be inspected and refilled by a licensed professional after each use.

No matter what the situation is, if you have used or discharged your fire extinguisher in any way, it is no longer safe and must be inspected, repaired, recharged, or replaced. If you have any questions about proper disposal, or if you need to purchase a new extinguisher, contact Fire Extinguisher Specialists today. Do not call the fire department about your used fire extinguishers—call us.

How Many Extinguishers Do I Need for My Property?

Every home should have at least two fire extinguishers. Place one in the kitchen, and one in the garage. Businesses must abide by the laws of their communities. Contact your city or municipal government if you are unsure of these regulations. After that, call Fire Extinguisher Specialists to purchase everything that you need to stay safe.

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