Fire Extinguisher Sales in Marietta, OH

Fire Extinguisher Sales in Marietta, OH

Providing Quality Equipment to Homes & Businesses in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Protect Your Home or Business with a High-Quality Fire Extinguisher

Buying a portable fire extinguisher for your home or business is an important step towards protecting yourself from fire. Fire Extinguisher Specialists is here to provide our clients with the most reliable fire extinguishers available on the market today. We will help you figure out which fire extinguisher is right for you. It is important to know which types of fires the device is designed to extinguish. They usually have big letters on the side that indicate the class of fire they are effective against. The size of the fire extinguisher you need depends on the type and amount of the hazard class for the area being protected by the extinguisher.  Hand-held fire extinguishers come in two-and-a-half, five, 10, 20 and 30-pound units. Wheeled units are much larger. We will evaluate the environment of your building and recommend the fire extinguisher that works best. For more information about the products we carry, contact Fire Extinguisher Specialist at (740) 373-0515.

We Carry a Wide Variety of Fire Extinguishers with Different Agents

Fire Extinguisher Specialists sells fire extinguishers to keep homes and businesses safe in the event of an emergency. When you use a fire extinguisher in addition to smoke alarm and other fire safety equipment, you can better protect others and yourself. We carry fire extinguisher units with agents for all types of fires, such as ABC dry chemical, CO2, dry chemical, K-Guard, and Cleanguard extinguishers. Contact Fire Extinguisher Specialists today to learn more about the devices we have in stock.

Fire Extinguisher Types We Carry:

Type A: Extinguishes solids such as paper and wood.
Type B: Extinguishes liquid and gases
Type C: Extinguishes electrical equipment
Type D: Extinguishes combustible metals
Type K: Extinguishes oil and fats