Professional Fire Extinguisher Sales for Belpre, OH

Professional Fire Extinguisher Sales for Belpre, OH

Find the Right Fire Extinguisher for Your Belpre-Area Home

If you live in Belpre, OH, and want to protect your family inside your home at all times, calling the staff at Fire Extinguisher Specialists is the first move you should make. Expecting the unexpected can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, and in some cases, that requires owning a properly working fire extinguisher. Our staff can work hand-in-hand with you to determine the type of fire extinguisher that best fits your home or business. Not only do we sell a wide variety of extinguishers to Belpre-area residents, but we can also inspect any fire extinguishers you currently own. Our inspections and hydrostatic testing ensure protection for your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else in your home or business, in the event of a fire. To schedule an extinguisher inspection or inquire about purchasing one, contact us online or call today at (304) 428-7677 or (740) 373-0515.

Ask About Repair, Recharging, and Disposal for Your Belpre Residence

Home and business owners in the Belpre, OH, area can count on the reliable staff at Fire Extinguisher Specialists to repair any broken extinguishers and ensure their safety in the event of a fire. As an environmentally conscious business, our disposal services make sure we dispose of your fire extinguishers responsibly. Residents of Belpre and the surrounding Mid-Ohio Valley areas can count on Fire Extinguisher Specialists for restaurant and kitchen system inspections alike, as well as extinguishers for personal use. Call today to talk to one of our qualified staffers about keeping your family safe from fire damage. Check out our wide selection of fire extinguishers and other products below.

Fire Extinguisher Types
ABC Dry Chemical
Dry Chemical

Fire Extinguisher Brands

Hand-Held Fire Extinguisher Sizes
2.5 lbs.
5 lbs.
10 lbs.
20 lbs.
30 lbs.

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Sizes
150 lbs.
350 lbs.

Other Products
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
Foam Agents