Quality Fire Extinguishers for the Pennsboro, WV, Area

Quality Fire Extinguishers for the Pennsboro, WV, Area

Extinguishers for Purchase and Professional Inspections in Pennsboro, WV

Protecting your home or business from unforeseen damages might not currently sit at the top of your priority list, but it requires immediate consideration so your family stays protected from the unexpected. One of the first steps to protecting your family involves owning a reliable fire extinguisher. If you live in the Pennsboro, WV, area, look no further than the experienced staff at Fire Extinguisher Specialists. In business since 1952, we provide the highest quality of fire extinguishers to the entire Mid-Ohio Valley, including Pennsboro. In addition to providing these extinguishers for homes and offices, we can also inspect your current fire extinguisher and make sure it still functions properly, and hydrostatic testing to confirm the extinguisher’s strength. For more information on our extinguishers, call today at (304) 428-7677 or (740) 373-0515 or contact us online.

Extinguisher Repair and Disposal in the Pennsboro Area

If you live in the Pennsboro, WV, area and need to dispose of an older fire extinguisher, choose Fire Extinguisher Specialists for reliable, environmentally-conscious, and safe disposal for your extinguisher. Our professional staff remains committed to responsible disposal for all used or broken extinguishers. If you do have a broken extinguisher, our staff has the necessary expertise to repair any fire extinguishers you bring to us. Safety is our top priority, which is why we also provide restaurant inspections and kitchen system inspections for all of our valued clients. If you or a loved one in Pennsboro wants to protect your home or business from the threat of fire and other unexpected damage, call Fire Extinguisher Specialists, in Marietta. Ask about any of our fire extinguishers and systems below.

Fire Extinguisher Types
ABC Dry Chemical
Dry Chemical

Fire Extinguisher Brands

Hand-Held Fire Extinguisher Sizes
2.5 lbs.
5 lbs.
10 lbs.
20 lbs.
30 lbs.

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Sizes
150 lbs.
350 lbs.

Other Products
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
Foam Agents