Get a Fire Extinguisher Recharged or Repaired in Marietta, OH

Get a Fire Extinguisher Recharged or Repaired in Marietta, OH

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If a Fire Extinguisher is Not Charged, It Will Not Work

A fire extinguisher is one of the best ways to protect your family or employees from fire-related injury and your house or business from fire damage. After someone uses it, however, an extinguisher is no longer an effective tool for fighting fires. After use, you should have the extinguisher recharged, and if necessary, repaired by a professional. That is where Fire Extinguisher Specialists comes in. We have the skilled personnel, along with the appropriate chemicals and parts, to repair or recharge your fire extinguisher correctly. If we deem that your extinguisher is unrepairable, we also have the stock to replace it. Contact Fire Extinguisher Specialists at (740) 373-0515 if you think your extinguisher may be unsafe.

Steps to Recharge Your Fire Extinguisher


Discharge the extinguisher entirely.
This empties and depressurizes the cylinder.


Refill the extinguisher with monoammonium phosphate powder or another fire extinguishing material.
This makes sure that there is fire extinguishing material inside the cylinder.


Clean and rebuild the extinguisher head.
This eliminates any corrosion or contamination that may hinder proper performance of the extinguisher.


Reassemble and recharge the extinguisher.
This prepares the extinguisher to fight the next fire.


Pressurize the extinguisher.
This makes sure that the cylinder has the correct pressure so that it can throw the extinguishing material as far as it needs to go.


Seal and tag the extinguisher.
The seal and tag show that you can now use the extinguisher safely and effectively.

Fire Extinguisher Points to Remember

If you have used your extinguisher, it is no longer effective, and you must have it recharged.

If your extinguisher gets damaged, you must get it repaired or replaced.

Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation. If you think your extinguisher is unsafe, it probably is.

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